Grand Opening Ceremony Bow and Ribbon Royal Blue
grand opening ceremony ribbon cutting
Grand Opening Ceremony Ribbon and bows Pink

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony | Grand Opening Ribbon

Ribbon Place makes ribbon cutting ceremony grand opening ribbons easy.

  • Our grand opening ribbons are made from quality single sided satin fabric.  They come pre-made with peel-off double sided tape, that is very easy to set up (no professionals need be involved).
    Cutting ribbon widths available are 10cm / 15cm or 24cm wide x your desired length.
    If you want a plain ribbon you can get the ribbon and bows in a day (shipped in a day nationwide)
    if you want it branded (also shipped nationwide) it takes about a week to make).

  • We offer two types of bows:
    The pom-Pom bow is approx. 24cm diameter
    a Bow-Tie Bow is about 60cm wide x 90cm long.
  • A Typical grand opening ceremony cutting ribbon is either
     cutting ceremonies, finish line for races, beauty pageant sashes and other grand opening events.
  • If you are based in Gauteng, we offer the rental of gold or silver stanchion sets with or without ropes and red or black carpets.
  • We have large prop scissors (they don’t cut) to rent for photo sessions (we can ship these nationwide) or,
  • We offer 30cm red or gold scissors (that cut) for the cutting of the opening ribbon (these are for sale)
  • Branded grand opening ribbons and rental enquiries here

Our grand opening ceremony ribbon banners come “plug and play” – they are pre-cut, the bows are folded and have double sided tape on the edges  you simply peel and stick!

Want a quick standard ceremony banner?  Get it in our online shop here.


in Gauteng and need the rental option?

grand opening scissor prop to rent

We have two scissor options for grand opening ceremonies:

Rent our oversized (prop only) silver scissor to pose for the photos (This scissor cannot actually cut, you will still need a proper scissor to do the cutting) or buy one of our gold or red scissors.

The PROP Scissor size is 900cm long x 33cm wide and an be shipped nationwide.

Rental Charges and terms:

All rentals must be returned within 5 days.

R2200 fully refundable Deposit for the scissor
R1000 fully refundable deposit for the stanchions / carpets

R600.00 Prop Scissor Rental Fee
R200 rental for a SET of 2 x stanchions (gold or silver)
R400 rental for set of 4 x stanchions (gold or silver)  with ropes included (red or black)
R80 per 1meter Carpet (red or black)
R150 per 2 meter carpet (red or black) 

You will also be required to do your own collection and delivery back to us   Please take care of our scissor and it’s box!
it’s important to return our rental items  WITHIN THE EXPECTED 5 DAY LEAD TIME, in the original condition, OR YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR DEPOSIT.


bow-tie bow gold
ceremonial scissor gold
Big satin bow - red
Grand Opening Ceremony ribbon with bow royal blue