Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's

Why don't you have a physical shop or allow collections from your office?

Due to our many responsibilities inside the home and in our business, as female business owners, and single mothers Sonja and Gugulethu prefer to work  “on the go” . We have fixed shipping schedules with our courier partners, but cannot man an office full time during office hours for incidental visits.  For this reason we created a fully functional online store where you can shop and buy any of our unbranded products and have it delivered to you fast and easy with courier delivery.   (For this reason we also discourage any in person collections from our showroom).

We have a vast and renowned base of customers, that make use of our branding services and fortunately very few people feel the need to visit us, due to the known good quality of our printing, products and business dealings. 

Should you feel the need to view a certain product or do some colour matching, feel free to contact us to book an in person visit by appointment, so we make time to greet and assist you when it is convenient for both you and us.

We use our preferred courier partner The Courier Guy to ship all our orders (branded or from the online shop) Nationwide.  If you are in Gauteng you can expect a parcel with overnight service at a fixed rate once your order is shipped.  For regional and other provinces we ship with economy that takes between 2 – 3 working days for shipping.

We print all our ribbon on big industrial machines.  These machines are operated by our factory staff that has to take time set up, change plates, mix inks, heat, cut and bake each job as per the specifications.

So, to handle the demand we have a production schedule where we plan the work day for each of the machines, and leave just enough time for the setup procedures between jobs. Our machines are typically fully booked a week or more in advance with print jobs we have taken in probably a week or two before your print enquiry.  When we add your job, it is added to the back of the schedule, and we alocate time for it on the machines.  It does not take 7 – 10 days for YOUR job to print, but the machines are booked that many days in advance!

Our standard quoted lead time is 7 – 10 working days, during the months of September to December it can be as many as 12 working days.

If you are asking for a shorter lead time during the months of September – December the answer is, unfortunately NO.  This is called the festive season in our industry, and our machines are working overtime to handle the increased demand.

However, during the quieter months of the year, (typically January to August) sometimes one or more machine may have a bit of leeway in the volumes being printed due on the production schedule not being overly full.  We can then try to accommodate an urgent job.

What you need to do to try and get your job printed in a shorter time frame (minimum between 5 – 7 working days) is this;

  1. If you need your job before the projected due date on our standard terms, you need to ask us for a shorter lead time before you pay your invoice and commit to the job.
  2. Short lead time requests must be done in writing (email We will check the production schedule, and if there is a spot open we will let you know in writing (via return email).
  3. You will be charged a 25% rush fee (to jump the que)
  4. Because this is a time sensitive request, we will require you to then commit to the job with the new lead time by paying your invoice within the same business day to secure this newly confirmed time slot for you.
  5. Please remember that lead times quoted includes the last day for production, and excludes shipping time.

If your job is already in the production line, and you only realize after we took it in that you will not make your deadline due to our lead-time for printing, we can probably still manage to issue a refund within the first 24 hours of payment received.  Thereafter we will have allocated resources and bought inks, made plates and positives or foiling blocks.  We will then continue to print your order as per our schedule and deliver the product to you according to our stated lead time.  It is therefor essential that you make sure there is enough time to allow for artwork approvals, pre-production actions and shipping.. 

The origination fee is a fee that is charged for every new job we take in.  Each job requires exact artwork in a specified format, that is placed and designed to work with our software and machines.  Our inhouse artwork department makes sure the artwork is clear, spaced and done in the correct colour codes to match your specification.  We do this even if you supply us with good quality artwork to make sure the design is compatible with our own machines and processes.  This fee includes colour matching, digital artwork proofs for approval signoff procedures.  the origination also includes your first time setup and test run. Origination fees vary according to the different printing methods.

When you come back for a re-run of the same artwork we previously printed for you, we will only charge you a reduced setup fee.  This is to cover our change time between jobs, to setup and print your plates/positives/blocks and ink matching.  As long as your artwork does not change, you can switch ribbon or ink colours at no extra charge.

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Ribbon Place is not a retail shop. The core of our business operations are working with other corporate companies, that are also not open on weekends.  The Courier Guy (our delivery partner) is also not operational on weekends.  For this reason, it is not feasible for us to be open on weekends.  We kindly ask our customer to plan for this eventuality in advance. (we can assist with last minute orders on a Friday morning, until 12).

Yes, we close earlier on a Friday afternoon.  It’s not about slacking off, it’s about being more productive. On a Friday we all head out of the office a bit earlier, so we can do more of the things that are important to us.  This however means we are more productive in the hours we are working in the office, we make sure our productivity is high, there is no effect on our attention to orders taken, in production or any of our deliverables met.  You will see us furiously working and filling orders right up until closing time on a Friday, having worked until later in the afternoon every day of the week to make sure all our duties are met.  It’s the one perk we in the office and our manufacturing staff get as a reward for a job well done.