Awareness Ribbons

awareness ribbons colours and meanings

Ribbon Place manufactures Awareness ribbons for a variety including medical, health and social campaigns. Find out  awareness ribbon colours and meanings to match your awareness campaign. We sell unbranded pre-made bows that is heat cut, folded and pinned, ready to wear.  These are available in packs of 100 units that can be bought from our online shop.

For the purpose of standing out from the rest, why not brand your ribbons?

We offer a single colour print solution on any of our colours satin ribbons, with a minimum order quantity of 1500 units (for branded orders).

If you are unsure about the colour ribbon for the cause you are supporting, please visit for our colour explanation.  We also have a list of months in the year, with the relevant internationally celebrated awareness days.  During awareness campaigns people like to wear their ribbon on their chest, to show their support.  Why not make sure it’s your ribbon they wear!

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Awareness Ribbons Colours and Meanings

Each of these Awareness Ribbon Colours and Meaning is related to a host of illnesses or causes associated to it. By clicking on the colour below, a dropdown menu will display the ribbon colour and the related cause associated with it.  

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Awareness Causes arranged by Month

Herewith a list sorted by months of the most popular health and awareness ribbons globally (not just in South Africa).


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