Digital Colour Swatches

We have a range of digital colour swatches available for you to use but please note:  The colours on these charts MAY NOT match exactly to your requirements due to the inacuracy of your colour display, and the quality of the equipment used to take these swatch colours. Please use these options as a guide only.  To obtain the correct colour matching, please contact us for physical samples.

Standard Satin and Petersham ribbon colour options

Satin Colour Swatch Chart

The satin colours available for screen-printing, foil printing and thermal printer options.

Petersham ribbon colour wheel

The petersham colours are available as small rolls in our online shop, or can be used to print on (screen-printing) in a single colour.  Most colours are available in 15 and 20mm widths only.  

Standard Ribbon Foiling Colour Options

silver foiling

Silver Foil

Gold Foil

rose gold foiling

Rose Gold Foil

red metallic foil

Red Foil

black metallic foil

Black Metallic Foil

blue foiling

Royal Blue Foil