Crafting the Perfect Pom-Pom Ribbon Bow: A Step-by-Step Guide

pom-pom ribbon bowWhen it comes to adding a touch of elegance and charm to your gifts or crafts, a pom-pom ribbon bow can work wonders. This delightful accessory is versatile, easy to make, and can elevate the aesthetic of any project. Whether you’re looking to decorate a gift box, add flair to a piece of clothing, or create unique home decor, learning how to make a pom-pom satin bow is a valuable skill. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the process step by step, ensuring you can create these beautiful bows with ease.

Getting Started: Gather Your Materials

Before we dive into the crafting process, it’s essential to gather all the necessary materials. Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. 3 meters of sparkle satin or organza ribbon (colour of your choice)
    It’s recommended to use 15mm or 25mm depending on how densely you want your pom-pom loops to be.  Also use a 3mm piece of satin (about 15cm long) to tie your bow.  A piece in string in the same colour will also work.
  2. Scissors
  3. Small Cardboard Rectangle (if you don’t want to measure with your hand)
  4. Small piece of double sided tape or a dinky-dot for adding the bow to your gift.


ribbon bow materials
wind the ribbon

Step 1: Determine the Bow Size

The size of your pom-pom satin bow will depend on your project’s requirements. The size of the bow is determined by the length of the loops you are going to create.  The standard length of ribbon to use for this bow is 3 meters.  Also cut a piece of string or 3mm ribbon in a 15cm string (to tie the ribbon together).

Step 2: Create the Pom-Pom Loops

Now, let’s create the pom-pom loops that will form the body of the bow. 

Take one end of the satin ribbon and with the shiny side on the outside, start winding the satin onto the palm of your hand.  If you want larger loops, use the piece of cardboard cut to the diameter of the size bow that you want. Wind the whole 3 meters of satin onto your hand / the card.

pom-pom ribbon bow loops
prep pom-pom ribbon bow


Step 3: Secure the Loops

Once all the loops are folded, carefully remove the pack of loops from the cardboard while still holding it still folded.

Step 4:  Cut the loops

Holding the top part of the loops (where it is folded) cut both the left and right corners in a long triangular fashion to make a narrow part where we can tie the loops together.


cut the corners
cut the corners
line up cutouts

Step 5: Shape the Bow

Take the cut loops, and open it on the centre of the bow (where you removed your hand or the card).  Line-up the back and front cuts to form an hourglass shaped cut-out in the centre of the bow.


Step 6 : Tie the Bow

With the two cut-outs lined up, place the ribbon on the table and tie the string in the centre of the hourglass cut-out.  Make sure to tie the string tightly, since you will be pulling on the ribbon in the next step.


pom-pom ready to pull
pom-pom bow loops 1

Step 7: Pull The Loops

While holding the ribbon in your one hand, start pulling out a loop from the inside on one side only.  Pull out the loop as far as you can to the side, and then with a twist motion, fold it to the front.  Take the next loop from the same side on the inside, and with a twist motion, fold it to the back.  Continue pulling loops to the side, twist and fold one to the front, the next to the back, until all the loops on the one side of the bow have been pulled.

Turn the bow around, and start pulling out the loops on the other side with the same motions.


Step 8: Final Touches

After all the loops have been pulled you can place the pom-pom on the table, and by gently taking hold of the ribbons you can fluff out the loops and position them for maximum effect. Snip off the loose parts with a scissor in a diagonal line.


Finally, Use the thin string to tie the bow down, or snip it off and place the bow on the final position by sticking it with a dinky dot or double sided tape.



Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to make a pom-pom satin bow. This charming accessory can add a touch of elegance and flair to your crafts and gifts. Experiment with different ribbon colours and widths to create bows that suit your unique style and projects. Enjoy the creative process and the joy of crafting something beautiful with your own hands.


pom-pom bow on box


1. Can I use other types of ribbon besides satin?

Absolutely! While satin ribbon is a popular choice, you can experiment with various materials like grosgrain, organza, or even velvet to create different textures and looks.

2. How do I store pom-pom satin bows?

To keep your bows in pristine condition, store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. You can also use a plastic container to prevent dust and damage.

3. Can I wash items with attached satin bows?

It’s best to hand wash or spot clean items with satin bows to preserve their quality. Avoid machine washing or immersing them in water for extended periods.

4. Can I make smaller or larger bows using this method?

Absolutely! Adjust the length of the ribbon and the number of loops to create bows of different sizes to suit your needs.

5. Where can I find unique satin ribbon colours for my bows?

Ribbon Place online Shop sells a delightful range of satin in single sided or double sided colours.  We also stock organza ribbon that makes a beautiful pom-pom bow.