Curious Metallic Paper (shimmer paper)

Our extended shimmer or curious metallic paper range is fantastic for gift boxes used at weddings, events and birthdays.  Make your gift giving affair spectacular with gift boxes covered in these decadent shades.

curious - galvanized

Curious Galvanized

curious - gold leaf

Curious Gold leaf

curious - ice gold

Curious Ice Gold

Curious Ice Silver

Curious Red Laquer

curious - nude

Curious Nude

Curious Chocolate

Curious Aquamarine

Curious - Lustre

Curious Lustre

Curious Ink

Curious Rose Gold

curious - ionized

Curious Ionized

curious - super gold

Curious Super Gold

Curious Night

curious - Aloe

Curious Aloe

Curious Champagne

curious - eucalyptus

Curious Eucalyptus

curious iceberg

Curious Iceberg

curious - peacock

Curious Peacock

curious - white gold

Curious White Gold

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